How to save time and money when ordering our cranes.


L   - Load Weight

 - Height of Structure

D1 - Distance from the rear of the crane 

        to the face of the Structure

D2 - Distance from the face of the structure 

        to the center placement of the load.


1 - Observe accessiblity to the crane set

     up area.

2 - Observe the type of surface the crane will set up on.

3 - Report overhead obstacles; power lines, trees, etc.

4 - All distances should be accurately 

     measured with a tape measure.

At Contractors Crane Service our goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient, cost-effective crane service possible. Since we rely on your assessment of the job site in selecting a crane, it is vital that you provide us with an accurate picture of the site.

In order to assist you in evaluating your job

site, we suggest you provide our dispatcher

with the following information: